Spirit Wisdom healing: Yelp Reviews

“Alan Waugh is an amazing Shaman. I went to him because I was stuck psychologically and needed some guidance. There were behaviors of mine that I have grappled with since I was a child, and always felt were a complete mystery to me. I had tried medication, psychoanalytic therapy, self-help literature, and hypnosis, but still in my mid forties, felt that there was this painful part of myself that was yet unknowable, as if locked away in a vault.

When I made an appointment with him I didn’t know what to expect. A friend who regarded him highly, had referred him to me. The healing I received from him was nothing short of phenomenal, and unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. What I brought back from that experience was the piece to the puzzle I had been missing for so long.

So many things made sense to me, and I have been able to forgive myself for a lifetime of suffering. Not only was Alan able to validate my experience by telling me exactly what I had seen without my communicating it to him, he did it in the most compassionate way imaginable. I cannot express my heartfelt thanks to him enough, nor aptly sing his praises. He is an unusually gifted teacher and healer.”

Lisa S.


“We need more Alans in this world 🙂 
Alan was recommended by a dear friend and I am grateful. He’s a gifted, talented, humble, and insightful healer, teacher and role model. He’s helped me greatly in gaining a deeper understanding of and clearing blockages that stood in the way of my personal growth. 
Alan walks the walk and is wonderful mentor, guide and friend. I strongly recommend him to anyone interested in learning more about the shamanic path, in search of healing, clearing blockages, and non working patterns.
Meeting Alan has definitely enriched my life.”

Trevor T.


“Alan is a Master Energy Healer and his work is beyond AMAZING! Even that is an understatement. I’ve been battling chronic anxiety for over 5 years now and continually carried what some can described as “a deep darkness” within my soul. I have tried to heal this on my own along with the help of counselors but it just wasn’t enough. I almost reached the end of my rope until I found Allan at Spirit Wisdom Healing. I’ve learned more and more about energy healing over the past few years but never actually took the opportunity to begin my journey in this area. Finally, I used this wonderful Yelp search engine for the best Energy Healers in the San Francisco Bay Area and it led me straight to him.

My first session with Allan was incredibly powerful. Living with chronic anxiety, I couldn’t breath normally for years. Immediately after my session, I could breath easily/clearly without restriction for the first time. You have NO idea how amazing this felt! He was able to clear so many energy blocks and completely lifted this darkness that I’ve felt weighing heavily on my soul. Can I tell you that this feeling alone was SURREAL? There are no words to begin to describe the feeling I felt when this happened. My sessions with Allan have left me with a deep sense of calm and peace at my very core. Allan went above and beyond to also provide me with various tools to continue my energy healing outside of our session. The fact is that Allan saved me from self destruction from the inside – out and I’m incredibly grateful. Allan is the best there is and I’m so blessed to have found him!”

Jan E.


“I saw Alan at a Foundation of the Sacred Stream open house a year or so ago and was so impressed by the joy and light in his face that I decided I had to have a healing session with him. Things were going haywire and I felt like my life was spinning out of control, and I couldn’t keep my mind still even when attempting to meditate. 
My session with Alan really opened new doors for me. To begin with, he was extremely patient with my nonstop chatter and waitied till I was ready before he began the session. I had two requests, and he took his time actually giving me two sessions for the one I had paid for, and by the end, I felt like a completely different person. There was so much peace and quiet that for the next few weeks, I was able to cope with all the stresses and demands of a bad, bad work situation and the loss of my beloved pet. 
I can’t recommend Alan highly enough. This was my first ever Shamanic healing and I can’t see going to anyone else after this. Go see Alan if you want to achieve inner peace and strength without any effort on your part.”

Caroline G


“I have heartfelt gratitude for the personal healing I have received from Alan. In my sessions, I have experienced the flow of blocked energy , causing deep structural changes. This energy flow gutted me of the old that I’ve outgrown and what no longer serves me, allowing spaciousness for healing and transformation. Alan’s connection to spirit, inner wisdom and compassion is a true treasure of light. His gifted healing touch will melt any internal blocks, allowing one to experience profound improvement in their well being. Wherever this finds you along your life’s journey, a session with Alan can encourage your healing to take deeper root and allow you to embrace your birthright of living a beautiful life dripping with goodness, health and in alignment with your divine nature. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, let go and let Alan work his sacred Shamanic healing magic.”

Sally B.


“For the past year or two I have realized that I am in the midst of a “spiritual transformation”. While I have attempted to do much of the work on my own, I had come to the point where I realized I needed some professional help. I have been to many practitioners, and the Bay Area has a mecca of great ones, but for this particular time in my life I knew I needed a Shaman. Problem was…how does one find a Shaman in the city? Luckily for me, a friend “happened” to mention that she had been to a Shaman…locally. After questioning her on her experience and visiting Alan’s website http://www.alanwaugh.com/, I KNEW I had discovered what Nichola refers to as “the real deal”. 

My first session with Alan helped to put the pieces of me back together again. I described it to a friend as, “my soul got scattered and Alan retrieved the pieces and brought them home”. Not only did i feel a profound sense of calm and peace after working with him but I also felt a true “love for self” for the first time in my life. As I was leaving Alan gently suggested what I might want to work on next “if I chose to return”. While I think transformation can happen for some people in an instant, I know, I am like an artichoke, and the layers need to be peeled off one at a time to reach the delectable heart in the middle. 

I am the first to admit that I am NOT
a trusting soul…BUT, I completely trust Alan to help guide my soul to the next evolutionary step. We are SO lucky to have such a skilled healer in the Bay Area. All I can say is one would be CRAZY not to return!”



“Having been to Peru and experienced deep shamanic healing, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a session in LA. I trusted the woman, a high teacher and healer herself, who recommended Alan, and I looked up his credentials. Impressive. I’m writing days after my session, still feeling the power and unfolding wisdom of my experience. For deep healing and insight into life, spirit, and physical health, we don’t need to leave the country; we’re lucky to have a gifted guide right here.”

D.B. San Diego


“Alan Waugh is a very special person. He has an authentic intention to help those that seek healing. 
On one occassion, my depleted spirit was restored to maximum activity level following the shamanic session. I experienced what I can only describe as a wave of pulsating energy moving rapidly down to my toes and back again: it was incredible. By the following morning I was back to my positive, confident and creative self. It was the type of restoration that I needed at that time. 
This guy is a great healer because he is very earnest, and successful, in determining the remedy that is most appropriate for each individual.”

Ursula C.


“I’m a true California kid. I’ve seen an astrologer, I’ve gone to therapy, I even saw a psychic when I was 9. But recently, none of this was helping me get through my stuff. 
I know it sounds woo-woo, new age-y, but after I my first visit with Alan, I felt a shift. Things really did start to change for me and I can’t really say why.”

Robyn T.


Charlene N.

San Francisco, CA


“I had an amazing healing with Alan and recommend him highly. I found his card posted at Rainbow, and after visiting his website and having a preliminary talk with him, I booked a session to help me face some deep-seated fears from past lives and to connect with my personal power.

After calling in his spirit helpers and doing a Reiki healing, Alan led me in a visualization. He asked me to notice physical sensations as I got close to feelings of fear, especially around speaking my truth. As he said this, I felt a sharp pain on the right side of my head and saw a large, black mass. Alan told me to acknowledge it, and it quickly lost it’s shape and faded taking the pain with it. The only other sensation I became aware of was a warmth and tingling on the bottom of my feet. After the session, Alan shared the visions he had during my session. He saw a priestess, one of my former selves, in a sarcophagus. She got a ‘call back’ with the directive, “you’re not done yet”, she sat up and her eyes sprang wide open. She then got out of her tomb and began whirling like a dervish on the sand to bring energy in for me. Alan advised me to allow this life energy to flow into every cell and organ that’s been affected by fear.

Six months later, I’m still integrating that energy, but I am definitely more in touch with the power I had in that lifetime and it’s made a huge difference in my life.”



Review from Janice K.

Artist, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Consultant

Redwood City, CA


“I was recommended to get in touch with Alan by a client of mine and I am so grateful for the connection. I am an Indigo Lightworker working as a clairvoyant and artist in the SF Bay Area. For many years now I have worked with elder healers and have been seeking someone who could completely channel the authentic ways of the South American Shamanic frequencies. I felt for some time now that this would benefit me in my own personal healing journey.

Suffice it to say, my experience with Alan during our session was nothing short than miraculous. I had visions and multi-layered experiences through his gentle way of getting to the root core of the imbalances in my being. I very much resonated with the chanting and energy work he did with me. I felt safe and open to receive the things I did. I am dealing at this time with many layers of emotional healing which has manifested in my body as physical blockages. Working with Alan, helped me to go deeper with his guidance so that I could release these issues at the core.

I highly recommend Alan Waugh for helping you to break free and delve into those stuck places with enlightened energetic guidance and in a beautifully protected space so that you may emerge with new vision and purpose.

I had a wonderful experience with him and plan to return for more healing in the new year.

Thank you Alan!”





Review from D B.

San Francisco, CA


“My work with Alan was extremely transformative and enlightening. Having worked with many different healers and spiritual guides over the past 6 years, Alan stands out as a loving, supportive and compassionate. I appreciate his dedication to his path and am consistently inspired with how he reaches out to those in need. I highly recommend him for assistance in healing deep rooted issues.”


Review from Leah P.

San Francisco, CA


“I don’t know how to say it, other that Alan is the Real Deal. He has done his work on this planet in this lifetime and therefore simply to be in his presence the process of healing begins. He is kind, he is wise, he is playful, and he is as deep as he is light. I recommend him to anyone looking for a teacher, guide, mentor, friend.”



Review from M T.

San Francisco, CA


“Alan doesn’t just heal the mind, body, and heart; he elucidates a deeper world. He is a guide, a teacher, and a friend. After meeting and working with him, life becomes more meaningful and far more mysterious. If you find yourself increasingly concerned with whether “this” is all there is, I highly recommend working with Alan. He’ll introduce you to the infinite, humbly, gently, and in his own loving way.”



Review from Nichola d.

San Francisco, CA


“I had felt led to work with a Shaman to dive deeper in my healing for about a year before I crossed paths with Alan. I am extremely grateful to have followed my intuition by waiting until I’d found ‘the real deal’… After my journey with him recently, I can say that I have never experienced such a profound inner shift, one that reconnected me with my true Nature, and helped me to re-member my Essence and purpose in this lifetime.

My experience with Alan opened my heart in a way I could have never imagined.

He is a True Healer, master guide, compassionate listener. His voice, presence, and Divine gift as a conduit for higher wisdom energies gently opened pathways that had previously been stagnant or blocked, allowing my inner Light to flow…

It’s been several weeks since my Shamanic journey with Alan, and I am still awed by the experience. I feel truly transformed – more aligned and connected to myself and my purpose than ever before. Issues and patterns that had been recycling in my life have been healed at a root level. I feel at Peace. My heart has remained opened and new insights and synchronicities continue to unfold.

Words cannot express the deep gratitude I feel for the many gifts I received during our session. Wherever you are on your path, I highly recommend Alan’s incredible healing work…your Spirit will remember why you did.”

Review from Adriana Z.

Miller Place, NY


“Alan is a gifted healer with an very strong yet gentle presence. I immediately felt a sense of trust when we met for my first healing session. In my life I have been going through a spiritual transformation and have been doing my own work to self heal and find purpose. Yet, nothing has been more transformative then the deep insight that he helped me to realized after the healing session. A lot of emotional blockages that I keep inside came to the surface, which were released with tears and laughter. Then I had a sense of peace overwhelm me. I remember looking into the mirror a little while after our session and my eyes had a glow and sparkle in them.

If you are seeking guidance emotionally, spiritually, emotionally or physically Alan can transform those blockages with his healing. He has kept in contact with me since our healing session and really has a deep care for the people he connects with. Currently, I will be going back for healing with Alan to help me along my journey.”

Review from Sharon D.

San Francisco, CA


“I am a body worker, reiki master and have worked with many healers from Boulder Colorado, Sedona to Mexico. Alan is definitely one of the most deeply attuned spirits of healing i have ever encountered. He has a way of seeing right through you and clearing the path so that you may walk without obstruction. I was impressed by his intuitiveness and thoroughness – working with mind body and spirit.

His singing in the ritual is uplifting and truly healing in itself. It cuts right through your core in a gentle, yet powerful way leaving you feeling like a rainbow after the storm.

He also has stayed in contact with me after when I wrote him explaining that I was having a bit of a healing crisis. He instructed me on how to take care of myself and explained more of the healing to me so I understood more clearly. He even did some work for me at his home during this time and sent an owl to watch over me and mailed me an owl feather for my alter 🙂

Since the healing I feel true transformation has taken place in my life. energy is moving where blocks once held me back. I highly recommend him. Thanks Alan!”



Review from Eric H.

Los Angeles, CA


“I’ve seen Alan twice now, and let me tell you. He’s the real deal.

So, he’s a Shaman. But what does that mean?

I could try and explain how he cast out one of my demons. I could try to explain how he helped me to walk into the footsteps of the better me. I could try to explain how he used a reiki technique to remove a mental blockage, which brought tears to my eyes.

So, I guess that’s what a Shaman is. But writing down the words doesn’t do it justice. Alan’s gift for healing is something that needs to be experienced.”



Review from J T.

San Francisco, CA


“Alan is a truly gifted healer. I began seeing him this year after finding myself unable to deal with a very difficult relationship situation and my repeated, ridiculous patterns of attracting and retaining unavailable people for personal relationships.

I always leave my sessions with him feeling so happy and positive! I have studied and engaged in many different types of energy work throughout my life but I have to say that Alan’s work is some of the most powerful I have ever experienced. I have now had three sessions with him, with a fourth on the way, and my life has been improving dramatically. I am very happy to have found such a great person to work with right here in the City. Plus, he is very reasonably priced and therefore, many people can benefit from his work. Alan is a gift to our world!”



Review from Suvanna C.

San Francisco, CA


“Alan Waugh is a deeply committed and true healer who has a strong connection with and access to the spirit world. In terms of personal experience I really have no idea what the spirit world is, however based on this connection Alan accessed and discovered the deepest themes and truths of my life.”



Review from Nanasiri Sharon M.

San Francisco, CA


“With receptivity, the healing session gave me an opportunity to connect and pay attention to what is going on within me psychologically, physiologically and spiritually. Since my healing with Alan, I’ve felt more contented and lighter. I would highly recommend anyone desiring this kind of connection to be treated by Alan Waugh.”



Review from clare s.

San Francisco, CA


“I would highly recommend healing sessions with Alan for anyone who needs clarity, feels ‘stuck’, is looking for some peace of mind. He is an experienced practitioner who is wise and kind. It is a different kind of experience than traditional therapy, and feels so much more powerful. Alan inspires a deep trust, enabling a letting go of what needs to be gone, an opening for what needs to enter. You are doing yourself , and probably your world, a favor by spending some sessions with Alan- highly recommended!”



Review from Erin B.

San Francisco, CA

10/9/2010 First to Review

“I tried to get pregnant for 4 years, and was discouraged and heartbroken. After an emergency surgey stemming from another failed IVF pregnancy attempt, I felt traumatized as well. Alan’s healing cleared whatever was blocking me from getting pregnant, and helped heal the trauma of surgery and miscarriage as well. He helped me through an “at risk” pregnancy, and I am now overjoyed to be mom to adorable, healthy twin boys! Alan is comfortable to be around and very straightforward. I attribute to him my ability to finally get pregnant. I highly recommend him!”



Review from Douglas M.

Richmond, CA


“When I came to Alan my life was stuck. I was unable to live the purpose and meaning I felt my life could have. I was wanting to be able to move forward and confidently take action in life- to give expression all I felt I have to offer. After our initial healing sessions, my vitality and life energy became stronger and much more focused. Once diffused thoughts and emotions began to coalesce and my life has indeed begun to take a definite positive direction. I am deeply grateful and honored to have benefited so much from Alan’s gifts. He is a kind, humble, and wonderful human being. My heart smiles knowing he is here in this world offering help that is so very much needed.”



Review from Roy R.

Alameda, CA


“I have found my sessions with Alan to be uniquely healing experiences. In our sessions, he has enabled me to connect with the spirit realm which has facilitated a more holistic way of being in the world. I have rarely witnessed such a whole-hearted approach to the healing relationship. He brings a highly attuned awareness to often disregarded aspects of the self. Alan is a true master of the Shamanic Healing Arts.”


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