Alan Waugh incorporates in his classes: Shamanic Healing Techniques, Universal Life Force Energy and Depth Hypnosis to assist your etheric, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies to achieve equalibrium and harmony. Trained as a ceremonial leader, shamanic healer, sound healer, reiki master, hypnotherapist and Patchakuti Mesa Carrier- he will help you explore your true potential through harnessing the forces of nature and releasing your body’s true potential for self healing.

The meetup groups are an opportunity to draw from his many years of study and practice, to develop your own skill set for mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Through the practices of shamanic journeying, sound healing, visualisations, shamanic ritual and creating sacred space, you will feel much more empowered in your understanding of the way you walk in the world. This is an opportunity to learn, contribute and build spiritual community to help support yourself and the well being of the planet. See all meetup classes.


These are ongoing classes, contact Alan to secure a place in class. Minimum of 4 people required. Alan’s classes will incorporate some shamanic healing practices and theory.



Reiki 1: You are attuned (empowered) to impart Reiki energy to yourself and others.
You will learn about the human energy system, learn suggested hand positions and get a chance to practice on others.

One day class $175 (maximum 6 people)


Reiki 2: Attuned to Reiki 2 allowing for an increased flow.
Learn the 3 secret Usui symbols that allow for distance healing, mental/emotional healing, send healings into the past or future, to pets and relationships etc. Learn about setting up a Reiki Healing Practice. Time to practice on others.

One day class $200 (maximum 6 people)


Reiki 3: Receive Reiki 3 / Reiki Master attunement.
Learn the Master symbol that enhances the other symbols and allows for deeper incorporation of healing potential. Embarking on a part time or full time career of Reiki. Give Reiki to groups of friends,family members, non profit employees, hospice volunteers in their homes or offices.
One day class $250 (maximum 4 people)


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Alan Waugh is not a physician, psychotherapist or psychologist. Alan’s spiritual and shamanic work through Spirit Wisdom Healing, is not offered as a substitute for health care with a licensed physician or mental health provider, but as a complementary service.

Alan Waugh: 415.516.2462

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