Reiki is a type of energy healing using the universal life force energy that exists naturally, within and without us. If ones life force energy is low or depleted, we area more likely to get sick, feel stressed or anxious. The Reiki practitioner harnesses the energy and allows it to flow through themselves for their own self healing or that of another recipient. When it is increased during a Reiki healing session, the natural chakra balancing that occurs, allows you to feel calmer, more healthy and happy.

(Included as part of the Shamanic Healing Session)
In a Reiki energy healing session with Alan Waugh, you will take an active part in the healing; in that you will sub-consciously draw in as much energy as needed to balance your body, mind and spirit, and goes to the places in order of priority. Because there is no particular belief system attached to Reiki, it is suitable for anybody but as in any healing, the first step towards transformation, is a desire to be healed.

Reiki is a simple and natural method of spiritual healing and self improvement that has been effective with virtually every known illness. Although there is no guarantee of a cure, it always works to the greater good and in conjunction with all medical and therapeutic techniques, to relieve side effects and enhance whatever natural healing is taking place.

Those who use Reiki energy regularly, often find they are more joyful, lively and that their own innate energy is enhanced. Existing conflicts within the body are broken down and there is a greater vitality, leading to relaxation and stimulation of the energy body.

The ancient Reiki symbols that Alan uses, are linked directly to the human body and its energy system, which then activate the universal life force for healing. It is regarded as life energy at its most effective, with the maximum vibration. Because this spiritual energy exists outside of time and space, Alan can perform healing to a recipient at any location on the planet, as effectively as if they were in the same room and uses SKYPE as a way to engage with the client.

These usually take about 90 minutes including some talking before and after the healing session and can also be used as a complement to a shamanic healing session (recommended). You will lie on a bed or massage table, fully clothed and simply try to open your higher self up to the deeply relaxing experience.

A powerful healing session will:

– Balance and strengthen your body’s energy, promoting its ability for self healing.
– Bring about deep relaxation, a state necessary for healing
– Destroy energy blockages and re – harmonize the chakra system
– Detoxify the endocrine system
– Make you feel happier and positive.
– Increase the vibrational frequency of your energy body, providing new vitality
– Help relieve pain, physical and mental discomfort, anxiety and stress.
– Help support release from addictive behavior.
– Help through grief.

Alan has 20 years of experience working at the bedside of the dying, using and also teaching others Reiki, to help people through the dying process and to relieve anxiety and pain associated with end stage terminal illnesses.

Shamanic Session
Each session is 2 hours long and will include a variety of techniques, including all or some of the following: Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, Reiki Healing, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Perfume Cleansing, Light Healing, Somatic Healing, Guided Imagery Healing and self empowerment techniques.

*Although Alan offers single sessions under certain circumstances, he does not feel that the work can offer a deeply sustained transformation unless the client commits to a minimum of 3 sessions. Not only do we need to delve into the individual’s core self limiting beliefs of body, mind and spirit but then focus a healing to the places and memories of most need and subsequently work on the integration of healthy memories and updated core beliefs. He is committed to helping with a deeply sustained healing transformation and not just ‘band aid’ techniques: Similarly Alan requires that his clients also are committed to their own deep healing, which is understandably a process and not a ‘pop-a-pill’ technology.

Reiki Group Classes:

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, Alan teaches classes for you to learn how to harness Reiki energy for your own self-healing and the healing of others. Reiki is an un complicated and powerful energy healing modality, which everybody is able to learn simply and use immediately. Using Reiki on your self will enhance your spiritual, emotional and physical wellness. Recommended for people embarking on the path of a healer but not sure where tostart: great for building confidence on the healer’s path.

3 Levels of Usui Reiki

Reiki 1: You are attuned (empowered) to impart Reiki energy to yourself and others. You will
learn about the human energy system, learn suggested hand positions and get a chance to practice on others.
One day class  (maximum 6 people)

Reiki 2: Attuned to Reiki 2 allowing for an increased flow. Learn the 3 secret Usui
symbols that allow for distance healing, mental/emotional healing, send healings into the past or future, to pets
and relationships etc. Learn about setting up a Reiki Healing Practice. Time to practice on others.
One day class  (maximum 6 people)

Reiki 3: Receive Reiki 3 / Reiki Master attunement. Learn the Master symbol that enhances the
other symbols and allows for deeper incorporation of healing potential. Embarking on a part time or full time
career of Reiki.
One day class  (maximum 4 people)
Learn more about Alan’s group classes offered on MeetUp

Alan also teaches Reiki to groups of friends,family members, non profit employees, hospice volunteers in their homes or offices. Alan’s classes will incorporate some shamanic healing practices and theory. Minimum of 4 people required.



Alan Waugh is not a physician, psychotherapist or psychologist. Alan’s spiritual and shamanic work through Spirit Wisdom Healing, is not offered as a substitute for health care with a licensed physician or mental health provider, but as a complementary service.

Alan Waugh: 415.516.2462

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