Sacred Valley Peru Retreat


LED BY: Alan Waugh and Susan Bookman SUMMARY:

  • 10-day journey to the Sacred Valley of Peru.
  • 2 medicine journeys with the powerful plant teacher – Ayahuasca.
  • 3 transformational Breathwork ceremonies for healing, releasing and


  • Ancestral Sound Healing & Harmonization
  • Rapé Ceremony for deepening and raising the work.
  • Temeskal Ceremony for clearing, cleansing and integration.
  • Sound Offering Ritual for gratitude.
  • Incredible accommodations at Sach’a Munay with private medicine

    lodge, pool, sauna, massage and dining.

  • Visits to Andean Sacred Sites woven throughout.
  • And much more….



The below itinerary has been designed to give you the most balanced and powerful combination of inner exploration, connection to the sacred sites & ancient ways of the Andes, communion with the sacred Plant Teacher Ayahuasca, deeply transformative Breathwork journeys as well as time to rest & integrate. We will also include some time for shopping the local markets filled with crafts and textiles. This is a journey of a lifetime during which we will all be learning, healing and expanding together while creating sacred pathways into the heart of the ancient wisdoms. Note: While Yoga is not specifically integrated into this itinerary, there will be plenty of opportunity and sacred space for us to engage in this important practice. This trip is limited to10 persons.

 DAY 1 – THU – OCT 11:

In the morning, we will meet in Cusco and together enjoy a scenic drive to the Sacred Valley, stopping at the archeological site of Moray and the Salt Flats of Maras. We will then arrive at our retreat center nestled in an oasis of native plants and fruit trees. There, we will have lunch and enjoy a beautiful afternoon on the grounds and in the gardens. In the evening we will gather in our beautiful medicine lodge for sacred sharing and orientation.

DAY 2 – FRI – OCT 12:

In the morning before breakfast there will be time & space for yoga, meditation, prayer or swimming at one’s own discretion or organized as a group. Then after breakfast, we will be led in a profound nature-immersed experience of ancestral sound healing and harmonization by a local maestro and expert in Andean mystical musicology. We will return Sach’a Munay for lunch served in our own private dining area. In the afternoon, we will have time to rest and do personal inner work in preparation for our first medicine ceremony led by Susan Bookman.

DAY 3 – SAT – OCT 13:

After being all night in the powerful presence of Madre Ayahuasca, we will have the time to sleep. Then, after an early lunch, we will visit a nearby, impressive special museum that depicts the ritual heritage of the primary pre-Colombian cultures of Peru. From there we will visit the Sanctuario de Senor de Huanca, a famous pilgrimage site at the foot of Apu Pachatusan where special blessings and miracles are sought. In the evening we will meet in sacred space for sharing, rituals and/or teachings.

DAY 4 – SUN – OCT 14:

In the morning we will visit the outstanding archeological site and artisan market of Pisaq followed by a box lunch on the terraces with views of exceptional beauty. We then will have time to explore the town’s artisan market and shops before returning back to Sacha’s Munay to rest and prepare for our second medicine journey led by Alan Waugh.

DAY 5 – MON – OCT 15:

On this morning, again, we will have time for restorative sleep in preparation for the healing and integrative breathwork that we shall be engaged in on this day. “Clarity Breathwork” (formerly known as Rebirthing) is a powerful process of healing and transformation that activates the subconscious mind and opens the energy channels in the body allowing what we have been holding onto to surface and be released. This may be suppressed emotional material, physical blocks in the body, old beliefs structures and memories, fight/flight/freeze patterns, and addictions. It is a powerful tool for addressing issues around relationships (with self, other and God), traumas (birth, childhood, others), and spiritual development or ascension. In the afternoon of this 5th day of our trip, Alan and Susan, both who are trained Clarity Breathwork practitioners, will guide you through a breathwork process which may include prayer, movement, guided meditation, sharing and other processes. After dinner, we will reconvene for a group talent show (participation optional of course).

DAY 6 – TUE – OCT 16:

On this day, we will continue with the breathwork in the morning but also have time to enjoy the grounds and gardens of our private sanctuary. In the afternoon we have some flexibility and may choose between visiting an animal sanctuary, a weaver community or going for a hike. In the evening we will be joined by a local medicine man and prayerful ceremonialist for a fire and rape ceremony.

DAY 7 – WED – OCT 17:

In the morning we will fast in preparation for a sweat lodge ceremony also led by our local medicine man from the night before. Then, after a hearty lunch and a late check-out of our retreat center, we will travel to the beautiful town of Urubamba where we will have to time to explore the Plaza de Armas and the markets before checking into our charming accommodations where we will remain for two nights as we explore this part of the Sacred Valley. In the evening we will reconvene in sacred circle for integration, sharing and/or teachings.

DAY 8 – THU – OCT 18:

After an early breakfast we will visit the fabulous archeological site and town of Ollantaytambo where will not only have an engaging tour of the site, but will have lunch there and time to explore and shop for medicine items or souvenirs. After a rest and delicious meal back at our hotel, we will then reconvene in sacred circle for sharing, ritual and/or teachings.

DAY 9 – FRI – OCT 19:

As this will be our last morning in the Sacred Valley, we will be visiting the enigmatic Templo de Naupha for sound ritual offering in gratitude to the ancestors and guardians of this place and region. From there, we will take an alternate scenic route back to Cusco where, after checking in to our beautiful hotel, we will have the afternoon free to rest and explore before meeting later for a traditional dinner.

DAY 10 – SAT – OCT 20:

We will spend the morning visiting the power places of Qoricancha, which was the was the most important and sacred temple in the Inca Empire, and of Sacsayhuaman, a fortress-temple complex of great historical and mystical importance. We will be accompanied by a beautiful local curandero who holds much esoteric wisdom about these sites. In the evening, we will have a special farewell dinner!!


PER PERSON COST: $2777.00 Early Bird by July 15th: $2677.00

Included: All ceremonies, rituals and teachings. Double occupancy accommodations starting the night of the 11th through the night of the 20th. All food and transportation in the Sacred Valley and to/from Cusco from the morning of October 11th to the evening of the 20th. All sacred and archeological site visits and related activities.

Registration & Payment in Full Due: September 15, 2018

For more information: Contact Alan Waugh ( and/or Susan Bookman (


More reflections …

  • What are the differences of in both Plant Allies experience you may ask?
  •  Here are some reflections from our experiences of using both Master teacher plants.
  •  Grandmother Vine Medicine- Ayahuasca, Tells you something personal about yourself and how you relate to the universe. Also allows you to see how choices you have made and experiences you have had, shape your world. Images are more fleeting and can change more frequently – one is more deeply involved with connection to the spirit world. Takes you out of the body where you may be taught by spirit, or takes you to meet God/ Divinity. Can be quite emotionally challenging at times which allows you to strengthen your spirit, so that fears and self-limiting beliefs, don’t seem so prominent. Often includes physical purging (also known as ‘getting well’!). Ceremonies take place at night and ceremonial leaders are much more involved in each aspect of the journey with use of medicine songs (icaros) and energetic cleanses. Journey 4 to 5 hours. Historical evidence that ‘She’ has been used as a sacrament for over 3000 years- from the jungle and rainforest of the Amazon basin.
  • Grandfather Cactus Medicine- San Pedro/ Huachuma, reveals the laws of and the interconnectedness of the universe itself. Maybe creates one dominant image or point that he/you will explore in great depth. Is of this world (brings God/ Divinity to us) and allows us to experience God/ Divinity in all things. San Pedro or Saint Peter holds the keys of the gates of heaven. Sometimes more gentle, purging is felt energetically, often with a sense of nausea, though physical purging sometimes occurs. This journey takes place during the day and involves visiting various sacred sites and is much more self directed. The participant is more involved in their own energetic cleansing at places of power. This journey lasts 10 – 12 hours. Historical evidence that ‘He’ has been used as a sacrament for over 5000 years in the coastal and high plains regions of Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia.


Please note in this journey, we will be forming a group connection. We ask for a willingness for a full participation, although of course some activities are optional and we are very aware that fitness levels are different, and we will work with all of you.

If you want a solo experience within the group this is not for you, although there will be opportunities for alone time; essential for integration and reflection. If you have difficulty with physically and mentally challenging and sometimes physically uncomfortable conditions this is not for you. We also ask that you be a little bit flexible with itinerary. Peru has frequent short notice strikes that can change a lot of logistics. Although we will try to stick to the itinerary as much as possible, we ask that you come with a flexible attitude. The sacrament journeys WILL happen as planned!




Alan Waugh

Alan Waugh began studying the Shamanic Arts in the late 90’s under the guidance of Michael Harner and his organization, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. While volunteering at the bedside of the dying during the height of the AIDS epidemic, Alan started to develop his shamanic skills as a healer. He helped ease the suffering during this critical time of a person’s Earthwalk, assisting them to transition without fear and anxiety. He volunteered with the Zen Hospice Project as a bedside caregiver for 20 years. Alan has studied with Masters of various indigenous traditions but considers the Maestro’s of the Peruvian Rainforest, both human and spiritual, to be his greatest teachers and mentors. He has been studying with both Shipibo and Mestizo traditions since 2005. Alan is a Mesa carrier of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, a powerful practice developed by his beloved Peruvian teacher, don Oscar Miro Quesada. As part of his Healing practice he also offers Reflexology and Reiki.

Alan travels to Peru regularly, a place he considers his adopted home and studies both in the Jungle and the Northern Coast. He usually brings groups to the Rainforest to work with Shipibo healers but feels the incorporation of Visiting Sacred temple sites in the Sacred Valley will enhance the potential for deeper transformative experiences.

He now lives in Mount Shasta in Northern California, where works as a ceremonialist, healer, teacher and spiritual coach. He offers personal and group healing retreats and vision-quests at his retreat center, The Sacred Valley Healing Center, where he also teaches Shamanic Healing Apprenticeships. As part of his Healing practice he also offers Reflexology, Reiki and visits to places of power on the Sacred Mountain.



Susan Bookman has lived and thrived in the Sacred Valley of Peru since 2005. She is a healer, ceremonialist, teacher, social development advocate, outdoor enthusiast and animal lover. Originally from the United States, she now lives in the beautiful community of Hatun Rumiyoq near the town of Urubamba.

In addition to being a Pachakuti Mesa Practitioner since 2003, her healing training and fortes include Andean folkloric medicine, pranic healing, sound & color therapies and spiritual healing. She is also the founder of the World Ayni Association (WAA) (, a small, grassroots, non-profit organization that offers training programs and services to rural and disadvantaged communities in Peru. She holds an MA in International Communications & Development from the American University School of International Service in Washington, DC and has significant experience in sustainable development and international business. In addition to Peru, she has lived, studied and worked in Europe, Asia, Africa and other parts of South America.

Susan offers services to individuals or small groups seeking knowledge and training in Andean Spirituality, the Art of Despachos, Shamanic Ritual Creation, Apu & Pachamama Relationship Building, as well as those interested in lifestyle changes, personal transformation, crisis support and mystical travel guidance. She is also available as a guide or translator for visits to sacred sites, for picnics or alternative customized excursions. Pachakuti Mesa Tradition ceremonies & teachings are also available upon request.



Roberto Canal Luna (aka Wow) is an Ollantaytambo original with his mom’s lineage tracing back to the days of the Inca. His grandmother was the village mid-wife and his grandfather a harp player who taught him how to see and connect with the Apus, the mountain spirits. His father was a master builder and his mother is an amazing cook and curandera (healer). Wow represents his lineage well as an all-around artist extraordinaire and profound yet light spiritual guide/teacher. He’s been working with San Pedro (Huachuma) for close to 20 years.

Winn Mallard (Wow’s wife and cohort) was born in Atlanta, Ga, but most recently lived in Asheville, NC where she was very active in the permaculture/progressive consciousness community. She calls herself a spiritual adventurer and came to Peru in 2009 to explore the shamanic traditions and ended up staying put in Ollantaytambo where she met Wow. She published her first book in 2016 called, Death is a Miracle!

We will also be working with top quality local Quechua speaking guides and drivers, who will be taking us to the sacred sites in the Sacred Valley.


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