Alan Waugh can help you with:
• Healing through Addictions with Depth Hypnosis
• Finding more joy in your life
• Finding transformation through a difficult transition
• Clearing depression, anxiety or stress. Balancing mind, body & spirit
• Healing past traumas and emotional wounds held in the body
• Unleashing your bodies own capacity to heal itself with Reiki healing
• Healing the effects of sexual abuse and other traumatic events
• Healing chronic physical and mental sickness


Services Offered:
Available in San Francisco Bay Area + worldly through Skype.

• Shamanic Healing
• Reiki Healing/Energy Healing
• Alchemical Hypnotherapy
• Flower and Vapor Baths
• Spiritual Counseling
• Remote Healing
• Sound Healing
• Weddings
• Funerals
• Classes: Reiki, Shamanic Journeying
• Clearing Homes and Offices of Negative Energies


Alan Waugh, Shamanic Healer

Alan Waugh is an experienced shamanic healer working in the San Fransisco Bay area. He has studied with Peruvian curanderos with different styles and integrates those healing traditions into his practice.

Gringo Curandero Alan Waugh is singing an Icaros in the Shipibo language on the bank of the Rio Nanay, in the Peruvian Amazon.

Alan Waugh doing shamanic healing work on Lawrence at the Mishana community in Peru on the Rio Nanay.


Help out a good cause: Camino Verde

A percentage of income from my hands on healing work is donated to ‘Camino Verde’, to help support the incredible work they are doing in the Peruvian Rainforest. Please consider adding your financial support by donating directly to them.

Camino Verde (“the green path”) is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization whose work is based in the Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon. It is the primary mission of Camino Verde to plant trees and encourage others to do the same. Their programs and presence in several small communities in the Tambopata River basin have focused on promoting the planting and preservation of trees as a source of sustainable income and economic empowerment to small scale subsistence farmers. Migratory agriculture is the number one cause of deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon. It is their vision to reduce the impact of human populations on wild forests through the improved economic opportunities provided by long-term perennial reforestation and agroforestry. For more information on Camino Verde and the great things they are doing, please visit:


Help build a strong community

Help support the continued growth and ritual Shaman Alan Waugh provides the Bay Area community.


Alan Waugh is not a physician, psychotherapist or psychologist. Alan’s spiritual and shamanic work through Spirit Wisdom Healing, is not offered as a substitute for health care with a licensed physician or mental health provider, but as a complementary service.

Alan Waugh: 445 Shasta Cove Lane, Weed, Ca 96094; 415.516.2462

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